What Is A Pmd File

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A PMD is a page layout file created with Adobe PageMaker, a program used for creating professional publications such as newsletters and brochures. It contains formatted text, images and drawn objects, and can import images created in other Adobe programs. The pmd file extension is associated with Adobe PageMaker, a desktop publishing program, used to create more complex and stylish documents. PageMaker was the one of the first desktop publishing applications developed by Aldus Corporation in 1985 and initially for Apple Macintosh and later for Windows 1.0. Learn here what the.PMD file is, and what program you need to open or convert the.PMD file. Specifications for the.PMD file format and downloadable sample.

What is the.PMD file type? The file type primarily represented by the filename extension.pmd is Adobe PageMaker Document (.pmd). This refers to Adobe PageMaker, a legacy commercial Desktop Publishing (DTP) product by Adobe Systems, discontinued in 2004 to give way to Adobe InDesign. Adobe PageMaker documents were saved as.pmd files using Adobe's proprietary file format, so a.pmd file is a DTP project created and saved in Adobe PageMaker. It is a container in which plain text is interspersed with binary structure and object data. Beside PageMaker itself, legacy Adobe PageMaker documents (.pmd) can be opened with certain limitations in the Adobe InDesign CS series, while in Adobe InDesign CC the support for the PMD format was dropped.

Alternatively, the.pmd extension belongs to the PlanMaker Spreadsheet Document (.pmd) file type used by and associated with FreeOffice PlanMaker. PlanMaker is a spreadsheet component of the free-to-use proprietary office productivity software named FreeOffice by SoftMaker.

PlanMaker documents (.pmd) are saved using a SoftMaker's own file format that uses Microsoft's OLE2 Compount Document Storage container. A.pmd file may contain tabular spreadsheet data with multiple references to charts or diagrams. Installshield Full Version.

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PlanMaker spreadsheets (.pmd) can be meaningfully opened using FreeOffice PlanMaker only. Another file type denoted by the.pmd extension is MikuMikuDance Stage (.pmd).

It is associated with a free 3D animation program named MikuMikuDance (MMD) by Yu Higuchi that allows to create complex animating involving dancing movements, vocals, and backstage effects. MMD uses several stage file types (.pmd,.x, ). A single.pmd file contains a set of resources that define the dancing stage and the actor's model, along with other data. Several dedicated editors exist to work with MMD models and stage files (.pmd,.x, ). The.pmd extension also designates the Poser Morph Data (.pmd) file type that belongs to Poser, a commercial 3D scene animation solution by Smith Micro Software. One of the numerous file types used by Poser, the.pmd file combines 3D scene descriptions with the so-called Morph Data that defines object transformation rules. Morph data (.pmd) files are not used with all Poser content.

Besides Poser,.pmd morph data files can be used with other 3D modeling tools. Additionally, the.pmd extension is used by the FastReporter 2 post-processing software (EXFO Inc.) to denote Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) measurement files obtained as a result of running diagnostic checks on a fiberoptic cable. Such.pmd files contain measurement data and can be opened using the 32-bit version of FastReporter 2. Software to open or convert PMD files You can open PMD files with the following programs.