Website Promotion Tools

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Website Promotion Tools

DIY Website Promotion How to Create and Submit Websites to Search Engines like Google Free Site Submission Website Ranking Do It Yourself Note: This is a static archive of the site as of May 2016. The dynamic version of the site is no longer available. If you want more people to visit your website, you need to know how to make your website search engine friendly, and then submit your URL to all the major search engines. This site is devoted to teaching you how to do it yourself, cheaply, effectively, and with a minimum of hassle. 'Tooter,' the most sophisticated submission robot on the net, stands ready to assist you in promoting your website! It does all the hard work for you -- for free!

Here are 24 of the best social media promotion tools to make sure your awesome posts and content get to the. There are lots of tools like this on the web. Promotion is the aspect of marketing that involves delivery of company, brand or product messages to target customers. Several tools are used by companies to aid the delivery of both paid and unpaid promotional methods. Each tool contributes a different way to reach customers and achieve. has been providing the basic facts about website promotion in two centuries (barely!). Here you will find all the information you need, plus some nifty automatic submission tools that will help you get the job done quickly, efficiently, and most of all, properly! If you invest a little time into reading and using this resource, you'll not only do a much better job of promoting your site, but save yourself a lot of time and effort in the process -- not to mention, you'll avoid the costly traps that most newbie webmasters fall into. Important note: the search engine landscape has changed radically in the many years since I first created this site. In particular, the number of sites worth submitting to has shrunk tremendously, and automatic submission is pretty much obsolete. I am maintaining the site for historical reasons, and because the tutorials and articles (links lower on the page) are 'evergreen'; the basic advice they provide is still useful and relevant.

Website Promotion ToolsWebsite Promotion Tools

All accounts will now expire 1 year after the last time they are accessed, and there is no need to pay me unless you really want to! Also, it is likely that at some point in the future I will convert the site to a static archive. This may end up happening with little or no warning. 99% of Webmasters don't need costly website optimization and submission services. Interestingly, 99% of “Search Engine Professionals” don't mention this -- they're too interested in charging you for their services. I run this site in a totally different way. You can use almost everything on the site for FREE.

Website Promotion Tools

If you feel the site is useful, then you can pay me what YOU think the advice and service is worth! And if you ever change your mind for any reason, you get your money back -- no questions asked. The grey navigation palettes on the right side of each page let you quickly bounce around the site.

But please start by reading this page, which will introduce you to the basics of site promotion. Then, when you're ready to start promoting your site, use the Create New Account form (just below this text on the right-hand side) to get started registering your site around the Net!

Getting Started: Tutorials: (read in this order) Articles: Moral obligations? About the Site: Believe it or not, 11.13% of the people who use support the site! How to properly promote your site Site promotion is really not that difficult. Mozilla Firefox For Windows 10 more. It just takes a little bit of effort, a little bit of thought, and a fair amount of patience.

File Extractor. It is crucial to understand that site promotion is a long-term, low-intensity effort. You can get into the search engines in days to weeks these days, but it can take years to develop a site that gets top rankings. So don't be overwhelmed by all the tutorials and tips on this site; you don't have to do all of this overnight.

The #1 mistake people make is rushing! Take your time, slow down, read the articles, think about how they apply to your website, and then proceed. Many people have told me that they print out my pages and keep them in the bathroom, of all places! Here's a summary of my '12 step' program: 1. If you're selling something, make sure you're selling the right thing. The internet is a great tool for selling things, but there's a big gotcha. If you're trying to sell something that lots of other people are also trying to sell, you're facing competition two ways; first, it's going to be a lot harder to get noticed on the search engines, and second, the competition is going to eat away at the profits.

The real secret to making money on the net is to sell something that nobody else is selling. Even if the market is tiny and obscure, if you're the only maker, the net will bring you and your customers together. If you sell cowboy boots, you might have problems getting noticed, but if you specialize in cowboy boots for people with six toes, you'll make money. My favorite joke example of a niche is “hand tools for left-handed lesbians”. If you, many of the pages are blog articles referring to my article that used this as an example (the rest are spam; even spammers think it's a funny phrase). Furthermore, if you're trying to make money with an affiliate program, in particular those that automatically generate a 'virtual' website for you, you should know that in almost all cases, they are a waste of time and money. I've written an article,, that explains why.