Open Xsl Files

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Learn about.XSL files and view a list of programs that open them.

Alright this seems like a stupid question but I can't figure it out. I'm writing an XSLT file to translate an XML document into an XHTML document. I've used both Visual Studio and to preview the results of my XSLT file, but now I want to actually write out a real XHTML file so I can see how it looks in other browsers. Neither Visual Studio or XML NotePad have an obvious way to save the preview. Am I missing something. Installshield Wizard Windows 10. Obviously the file is getting created because something is being previewed, but I need to know where that file is being created or better yet choose its location.

In Visual Studio, add the XML file to a project. Open the XML file. When the file is open and its window is active, you should see, in the Properties window, that you can specify an output filename and a stylesheet. Also, you should see that the menu bar now contains an 'XML' item. Business Cards Software there. If you pick 'Show XSLT output' from the 'XML' menu, VS will apply the specified transform to the XML file, write its output to the file you specified, and then open that file. If the file has an.xml extension, it'll open it in a text editor window; if it has an.htm extension, it'll open it in a browser window.

It's a little bit clunky (it seems to me that a menu that appears and vanishes instead of being enabled/disabled is kind of hinky), but it works well enough, and it's in the tool you're already using.