Air Traffic Control Game

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Shape tracking, sequential memory, reactivity- do you have the skills? We’ve developed a series of mini-games to help you decide whether it’s the kind of career that might be right for you. They test a range of basic cognitive skills which are required by Controllers: This game tests your ability to follow an element on screen, with each level increasing in difficulty.

Correctly following a sequence of events suggests you are demonstrating a strong sequential memory. This game recognises your spatial awareness ability and also highlights how you react in a pressured environment.

You run a small Airport and need to make sure all planes land safely. Cars and other obstacles will make things complicated. To land a plain press on it and hold SPACE. Air Traffic Controller (ぼくは航空管制官, Boku wa Kūkō Kanseikan, shortened as ATC) is a simulation computer game series, developed by TechnoBrain, that simulates the operation of an airport.

Apple Itunes. Guide aircraft on your radar safely to the runway to test your awareness and co-ordination. Organise aircraft safely in sequence to test your awareness and co-ordination.